Frequently Asked Questions

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Secondary Glazing Q&As

What Are The Benefits Of Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is used to combat all sorts of annoyances within the home. Noise, cold temperatures, and condensation issues can be managed and controlled using our solution. We also offer multiple design and glass options to match your décor.

What Secondary Glazing Options Are Available?

Our whole range of secondary glazing is made to measure and features an unobtrusive profile. We can fit a range of standard window styles and even offer a bespoke secondary glazing service for the less common shapes.

Does Secondary Glazing Help Noise Reduction?

Secondary glazing is scientifically proven to reduce noise in your home by up to 54 decibels, giving your windows unrivalled levels of acoustic performance. Perfect for built-up areas such as homes near trainlines or under flightpaths.

How Does Secondary Glazing Stop Heat Loss?

The extra layer of protection offered by secondary glazing ensures the heat remains firmly within your home. Our solutions reduce heat loss by up to 60% and improves your carbon footprint.

How Much Does Secondary Glazing Cost?

You’ll be amazed at how cost-effective our entire suite of secondary glazing products are. You also receive the added benefit of saving money with secondary glazing installed, as your energy bills reduce due to less heat escaping.

How Secure Is Secondary Glazing?

Alongside the thermal and noise benefits that you receive with secondary glazing, it also adds an additional layer of protection to your home against any would be intruders. A very discreet security feature that reduces the need for unsightly grills and other preventative measures.