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Music & Recording Studios



If you’re looking for music studio soundproof & foam, Bristol Sound Proofing are here to help.

Music Room Soundproofing is important if you’re a musician and want to practise without the worry of disturbing the rest of the household, or even neighbours. Practicing is the key to creating a professional music career. The freedom to practice anytime and a dedicated space with professional sound quality is a musicians dream.

Musicians are always conscious of making too much noise. Our music studio soundproofing allows you to produce professional recordings, without this fear. You can have a space that produces perfect sound quality without the worry of bothering others. Bristol Sound Proofing uses only the best products that supports your soundproofing goals.  Our solutions include studio foam and acoustic room treatment are perfect for reducing background noise and aim in controlling the sound reflections from the walls to produce a better quality recording. We have a wide range of Sound proofing services, from acoustic room treatment, Music room soundproofing or even home studio soundproofing, our company has everything to provide the best solution that addresses the noise concerns in your environment.


Soundproofing Music & Recording Studios in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cardiff & Newport

There are an array of options that cover music studios and recording rooms – whether home or commercial studios, we can help. Please contact our team today to discuss 📞 033 33 55 0007 or email: Sales@bristolsoundproofing.com  to discuss music studio soundproofing in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Weston-Super-Mare, Cardiff & Newport.