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SBX Boards



Here at Bristol Sound Proofing, we offer SBx Boards as part of our soundproofing solutions between floors throughout the South West. Based in Bristol we assist customers throughout areas including Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Swindon, Cardiff, Newport and the South West with their noise issues.

What is a SBx Board?

The SBx board is a sand filled cardboard and hardboard faced board that works more effectively than just simply adding more mass to the floor. Conventional wisdom states that as you increase the mass of the dividing structure you improve the soundproofing.

Are they effective?

SBx Boards are our most effective solution when looking for ease of fit as there is no need to lift floorboards and can be laid upon these. Being more effective than rubber mats solutions in blocking external noise coming from below and airborne sounds being transmitted upwards.

If protection is needed to block out sounds created by you and stopping impact sound transmission traveling downwards for neighbours on below floors, rubber mats are most affective.

Working with local professional suppliers, SBx Boards are amongst our soundproofing options here at Bristol Sound Proofing. Call us today on 📞 033 33 55 0007 or email Sales@BristolSoundProofing.com to discuss your soundproofing requirements.