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Soundproofing Property Developers & New Builds



Soundproofing in a new construction is not always an easy task. It is a very challenging job for a property developers designing effective soundproofing for new builds.  There is no standard resolution, as each building has its own parameters which need to be considered.

Architects, designers and clients need to understand how nuisance noises will affect a development, with both internal and external sources. Different noise sources can have different impacts on a new build development which, in turn, can affect design, material selection and specification procedure.

Bristol Soundproofing use only the most effective, high quality and cost friendly materials. Our company install sound barriers during the construction process and to meet requirements.

Our company also offers soundproofing between floors on new constructions. With soundproofing, you not only block TV, talking and other airborne noises but also the transmission noises from your walking, running, dropping, and children playing on the floor. Floor soundproofing is best installed during your construction, or after your sub floor is down. Installing a floor soundproofing system during construction improves your chances of stopping the most noise from traveling downstairs or noise generated in your property coming through to neighbours too.

If you’re a property developer who has plans for a new build, or are a development company in the early stages of developing a flat block and houses, we recommend several solution for your new build requirements. Working throughout Bristol, Bath and further afield, please contact our team today to discuss 📞 033 33 55 0007 or email: Sales@BristolSoundProofing.com for more information.

Soundproofing New Build Constructions - Flats & Houses throughout Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Weston-Super-Mare, Cardiff & Newport

There are an array of options that cover new builds and new constructions. Please contact our team today to discuss 📞 033 33 55 0007 or email: Sales@bristolsoundproofing.com  to discuss.