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Tecsound® SY50, SY70, S100 and more from Bristol Soundproofing


Tecsound is a flexible and high performing acoustic membrane for all your soundproofing needs throughout Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Swindon, Cardiff, Newport and the South West. Offering a solution for vibration control, Bristol Sound Proofing offer Tecsound as part of our Wall solutions for residential and commercial soundproofing.

Noise pollution is now one of the leading problems in the modern world, with many being affected. Whether you’re looking to stop the noisy neighbours, reduce the noise of loud machinery at work, take confidential calls, or are setting up a home office, Bristol Sound Proofing can help.

Using Tecsound, it is best suited for timber and concrete structures – with particular focus on “muting” or vibration in the metal structure between walls. Working with professional local suppliers, we offer Tecsound for your requirements for residential and commercial soundproofing needs.

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