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Acoustic Solutions for acoustic panels in Bristol, Bath, Wales and the South West

Acoustic sound panels provide the perfect sound absorption materials for deadening and dampening sound in restaurants, offices and many more spaces. Sound Reducing Panels absorb sound waves to reduce general noise, clarify speech and limit reverberation in walls within enclosed areas. If you’re in Bristol, Bath or surrounding areas, Bristol Sound Proofing have you covered! Using acoustic panels essentially eliminates unnecessary sound that makes it impossible to hear a speaker, enjoy good music or record something as clear as possible.

Here at Bristol Sound Proofing, we offer Acoustic ceiling panels, this panel serve as a barrier to block sound from travelling to adjacent rooms and also as a means to reduce the noise within a room. As they soften, remove, and diffuse sounds, it will help create a more pleasant environment, free of echoes and unwanted noise. We only use high-quality Sound Absorbing Panels that prevent sound waves from reflecting off ceilings, walls and other hard surfaces which create a quiet and calm environment,so that you can focus and concentrate.

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What is reverberation time?

The key to controlling reverb is understanding reverberation time. Reverberation time is the number of seconds it takes for reverberant sound energy to decrease by a defined number of decibels—common measurements of reverb time focus on the time it takes for reverberant energy to drop by 60 decibels.

In a room like a normal office where several conversations may be happening at once, a short reverberation time is desirable. Limiting reverb and shortening reverb time is important in video conferencing because a microphone won’t discriminate between the sounds that it picks up.

So, you may sound unclear to the people on the other end of your call because your microphone is picking up what you’re saying now and the residual sound waves from what you just said.

Possible Solution For Various Spaces

Acoustic sound panels provide the perfect sound absorption materials for deadening and dampening sound in restaurants, offices and many more spaces.

Acoustic Solutions for Schools

Good acoustic solutions in Schools are very much needed for a good learning environment. Poor acoustics in lecture halls and classrooms may lead to having a negative impact on many students learning abilities. Students learning in these types of environments struggle to understand what is being spoken. Extreme cases show that up to 70% of words spoken by teachers and lecturers cannot be heard by students, which makes concentration and understanding very difficult. Voices of teachers should easily and effortlessly reach around the whole classroom without them feeling any strain, teachers often lead discussions in the classroom so having a room with the least possible background noise is paramount. Classroom acoustic panels enhance the speech clarity as well as the ability of students to learn.

Classroom Acoustic Panel Solutions

Sound levels being reduced is significant. Low-frequency sounds around 125Hz are important to reduce as this enhances students’ ability to listen making listening comfortable for them. Low frequency sounds often interfere with speech clarity. When sound levels are reduced unwanted low-frequency sounds are filtered out which allows listeners to hear the speech clearly.

Clarity of speech is preserved by restricting low-frequency strong vowel sounds which then aid the consonant sounds. A speech reflecting zone would need to be in place with classrooms that are of a larger space and students are a distance of 8 meters away from their teacher so they are heard at the back of the classroom.

Acoustic Solutions for Restaurants

Our BSPPhoto acoustic panels are ideal sound-absorbing panels for restaurants. BSPPhotos are great for sound absorbing and give the restaurant a great design feature, creating the perfect impression within the restaurant. Restaurant logos or theme images can be created with our BSPPhoto product. There are many high-resolution images that can be used for this purpose, this is a great way to not only provide a great acoustic solution but give the restaurant a desirable fresh look.

Restaurants and bars usually suffer from poor acoustic issues, leading to low customer satisfaction. A grating echo can make it very displeasing and discomforting for customers whether the area they are in is full or empty. Research shows that poor acoustics have led to customers leaving earlier and sometimes even not returning to the same place.

Restaurants have two main issues with regards to acoustics, the first being the design of the place, having brick walls, bare tables, metal counters are hard surfaces which noise reflects and bounce off. The second issue is the many different noise sources that increase and build-up, such as people using their phones, walking, open kitchen areas, loud music being played or busy bars. Restaurant noise can reach up to 85 decibels or above, which is even to eating next to a vacuum cleaner.

Acoustic Solutions for Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are essential in terms of communication whether they are internal or external. When hosting a meeting it is vital everyone around the table is able to listen without strain and speak effortlessly, so speech clarity is a very important factor.

Our suspended raft acoustic panels are the most popular for creating a pleasant sound environment and achieving good speech clarity as they offer the highest sound absorption (Class A). Rooms which are used for video conferencing, and sound absorption must be of high quality in order to enhance the sound transmission. It may be necessary to install sound-reflecting ceiling surfaces may need to be installed if the distance between the listener and speaker is 10 metres or more, this allows the sound from the speaker’s voice to reach all listeners.

Sound reflection from Wall-to-wall can be perceived as disturbing which then has a negative effect on speech clarity. Our BSPLiner acoustic wall panels are recommended for Absorption on at least one of the walls. These would normally be applied as a lining to the hard-surfaced wall.

Our acoustic panel with Class A absorption is ideal for meeting room ceilings which require Good speech clarity. That is the highest sound absorption classification that can be achieved. Additional low-frequency absorption may also be necessary in some cases. BSPRaft panels will provide a high-quality acoustical ceiling.

Acoustic Solutions for Sports Halls

High sound levels are linked with ball game sports and physical training. To be able to communicate clearly without raising your voice is necessary, for sports teachers this is highly important as they spend a lot of their time in sports halls and for building regulation compliance with BB93.

Large volume space activities require you to look at the high impact, safety needs and durability. Sports halls usually have plenty of acoustically hard surfaces and are generally large open areas. Ineffectively designed sports halls which serve no level of acoustic absorption result in the hall being extremely noisy and reverberant, which has an effect on people not being able to enjoy leisurely sports.
Sports halls are also used for exams and assemblies, acoustic demands are very high and complex. Having large amounts of sound absorption is crucial to achieving a pleasing acoustic environment for sports halls. Materials used for acoustic panelling in sports halls need to be considered as the materials used need to be impact resistant so the panels are not damaged during ball sports.
Indoor sports halls and gyms are considerably much bigger in space and a normal classroom, as reverberation time is linked to the volume of the room, larger rooms will have longer reverberation time without cogent noise control.
Guidelines from BB93 have recommendations for internal ambient noise levels and reverberation, these are often pushed to the end limit and sometimes exceeded as the amount to cover large acoustic areas can be quite costly, so other professionals have suggested different performance measures which give more time for longer reverberations.

It is compulsory for sports halls in schools to abide by the BB93 under the Building Regulations to have sound insulation, ambient noise levels and reverberation times.

Fine quality acoustic designs are important as long reverberation times result in:

  • Low speech accuracy
  • Excessive levels of background noise
  • Raised levels of stress for users
  • Controlling and management difficulties
  • Sports teachers are more prone to having throat and voice issues than any other subject teachers as they are needing to raise their voices cause of loud background noise.

Customer Feedback and

Our Case Studies

Max, Bristol City Training Ground

The initial enquiry was dealt with very quickly, the job itself was relatively smooth. – There has been a considerable improvement in the quality of noise blocking in the room, and it has made the press conferences more manageable for the media team.

Very easy to deal with, assisted and kept me up to date with all information on the job.

Catherine, Sandford Primary School

“I just wanted to report back that the Ecophon Sound panels are an enormous success. Everyone is very happy….and glad to say that we don’t even notice them in the classroom, so no distractions either! Thank you for your help and attending to the job so quickly. Your advice was invaluable as I did not really know what I was doing. The child has been moved to under the block as you suggested. Apparently, the sound is now so good that he can even take out his hearing devices! A very happy customer 🙂”

We’ve Taken On A Great Range Of Soundproofing Projects

We’re proud of our work and we want you to be proud of it too. As a leading soundproofing company in the South West, we ensure a high level of finish and good quality job. Whether it’s soundproofing your home, a flat or commercial space, take a look at our projects in the Residential and Commercial section to see for yourself.

School Hall in Southville

Emmanuel Bristol Churches

Emmanuel Bristol churches had an ongoing issue with sound reverberation at their location in #Bristol.
As experts in dealing with large, open spaces and providing echo panel solutions, we were called in to solve the problem.
These images give a great example of how unobtrusive the panels are and the space is now far easier to both speak and be heard in.
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School Hall

We’ve shown a lot of the residential projects we’ve worked on over the past week but we also get involved with a number of commercial projects like this one.
This project involved a large school hall and the installation of echo panels to reduce echo and make it easier to both speak and listen in the large space.
Reach out to us for information on any similar projects.

Stockwood Vale Golf Course

Sound reverberations can make places like restaurants far too loud and difficult to enjoy.
At Stockwood Vale Golf Course we installed Echo Panels for just that reason. The panels reduce the sound reverb and make for a much more enjoyable environment.
If you have a similar project, have a chat with us about a quote.


Backwell School

This was a brilliant project, recently completed. Adding Echo Panels for this sports hall at Backwell School.
EchoPanels are brilliant for allowing a large, cavernous space to become more practical for both speaking and hearing, a very common project on large open spaces such as sports halls, assembly halls and restaurants.

The Beehive Centre

Echo Panels were installed at The Beehive Centre to make the space more pleasant to use.

These panels absorb noise, ensuring there is less sound reverberation and that is it easier to both speak and be heard.

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