Soundproofing a Ceiling

Soundproofing Solutions for ceilings in Bristol, Bath, Wales and the South West

Sound Proof Ceiling Solutions for all types of problematic Ceilings In Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, Swindon, the South West & Wales is our expertise, whether you’re soundproofing existing ceilings or are looking for solutions whilst your home or office is under development, Bristol Sound Proofing have the solutions for you.

When soundproofing a ceiling, it is necessary to improve three basic components:

1 – The mass of the ceiling — This is achieved by adding layers of acoustic membrane (optional) plasterboard and high-density products.

2 – The Resilience of the ceiling — This is the springiness of the soundproof ceiling system, without this, the addition of the mass will have very little effect. The resilience is added by fixing small “shock absorber” type clips to the existing joist which will give you a great result when trying to reduce impact or base noises.

3 – The sound “absorbency” of the ceiling – Installing sound absorbing insulation within the ceiling void reduced the ‘echo chamber’ effect, by doing this the sound is trapped more easily within the ceiling; here we prescribe 60kg/m3 acoustic mineral wool. The mineral wool that is specified has an equivalent or better UV value than most insulation specified to only improve the thermal performance which will make your place warmer and save energy costs in the long run.This is a great way to the first steps of net zero.

Here at Bristol Sound Proofing, we offer soundproofing ceiling systems to suit all requirements, whether soundproofing existing ceilings in flats, houses or commercial properties, we are your experts of choice. 

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Possible Solutions

Good Sound Insulation - Resilient Bar Ceiling System

The resilient bar, or sound breaker bar works by decoupling the ceiling from the joists. The new ceiling is in effect floating off the stud or joists via lightweight corrugated steel bars. The sound is dissipated as it travels through the corrugated flange of the resilient bar and reduced transfer through to the final layers.

Best Sound Insulation - Resilient Clip Ceiling Solution for existing Ceilings

The resilient clip ceiling is the best performing suspended ceiling system (attached to existing ceiling joist) available from both an airborne and impact sound perspective.

In performance terms it is far superior to a resilient bar system. This extra performance derives from the much higher level of resilience that is manifested within the resilient clip structure, the vibration of sound transmission being absorbed better with silicon rather than with the metal of resilient bars. In effect the mass of the new soundproofing final surface that you are adding is much better isolated than is the case with resilient bars.

Better Sound Insulation - Independent Resilient Bar Ceiling System

The independent resilient ceiling system is a great solution when ceiling height is not an issue and the walls adjoining it are solid brick/block.

Where impact sound from above is very bad, the Independent Resilient Bar Ceiling System is the choice worth considering. This system is normally used where there are services in the ceiling or the ceiling is of concrete construction and a new stud frame would have to be created. 

The independent ceiling structure can be upgraded by adding a Resilient clip system instead of the Resilient bar system and the addition of the acoustic membrane will increase the airborne noise performance of the system too.

Our Projects and Customer Feedback

We are proud of the work we produce for our clients throughout the South West and want you to be proud of it too. Using some of the most modern sound proofing products and ensuring a high level of finish on every job, watch our latest customer testimonials to see why you should choose Bristol Sound Proofing for a noise nuisance you have.


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Jeremy, Bristol

Victorian property, Bristol

Ineffective soundproofing is a common problem in Victorian properties and this means we often find ourselves retrofitting soundproofing into these stunning buildings to modernise them.
As you can see, although we had to go pretty deep to complete the installation, the finished project looks untouched and original.
If your property could benefit from an upgrade in soundproofing, get in touch with us.