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The Best Soundproofing for Walls in Bristol & surrounding areas



When researching information on commercial or domestic wall soundproofing, it can be a little daunting. With the huge options of sound panels for walls that have vastly different performance statistics it can be confusing. Below we try to outline some of the best solutions you can consider especially when soundproofing thin walls and even existing walls, but remember you can always give us a call, or send an email and we’ll be happy to advise.

We recommend a good, better, best and space saver solution for sound insulation for walls – detailed below. With Bristol Sound Proofing providing the best soundproofing for walls in flats and commercial environments, please contact our team today to discuss 📞 07590 040 104 or email: Sales@BristolSoundProofing.com for more information. Covering domestic and commercial clients, whether you’re looking to soundproof partition walls or install noise cancelling wall panels in your music studio, with a variety of solutions, we are the experts of choice.

Good - Stud Wall Soundproofing

Soundproofing a stud wall is simple and cost effective. If you’re looking at soundproofing existing walls, this solution involves removing one face of a stud wall and applying the soundproofing materials described below..

Typically stud walls are built with physical separation of a room in mind. There is little consideration given to the acoustic performance of that wall. In many cases the wall will simply be constructed of 12.5mm plasterboard either side of a 50mm stud frame. To upgrade and soundproof existing walls, you will need to remove the original plasterboard from one of the faces of the stud wall.

Better - Independent Stud Wall Soundproofing

For those looking to reduce sound penetration to the maximum an independent stud wall is the best choice.

The Independent Stud Wall will achieve great performance across the whole range of frequencies as it will cope with bass solutions very well. The wall must be independent of existing wall such there is a physical air gap. It is the thickness of the solution which is integral to the performance of the solution.

An optional upgrade can be applied to both stud & Independent stud wall which increase the performance of up to 8db. The upgrade cost will be shown in the costing section of this document.

Best - Genie Clip Soundproofing

To gain the maximum performance when soundproofing a wall you should attempt to create an independent wall structure that sits in front of the wall you are attempting to soundproof. Lining this wall with Genie Clips as your resilient layer will afford the best level of soundproofing performance that we know of.

The key to their superior performance of Clips is the high quality rubber mounting that is integral to the Genie clip.

Creating this independence, even if it is just a few millimetres can make a significant difference to the end result.

If however you are unable to make the wall independent you can screw battens to the wall and then add the genie system direct to this. The end result while not be quite as good as an independent wall, however it will produce an improvement in the 20dB range.

An optional upgrade can be applied to the Genie Clip Independent stud wall which increase the performance of up to 8db. The upgrade cost will be shown in the costing section of this document.

Space Saver - SM20 Panel & Party Wall Solution

The SM20 sound absorbing wall panel system is a high performance wall soundproofing solution that has good acoustic performance, like other solutions this dense recycled rubber will provide a reliable soundproofing barrier. The high density recycled rubber panels are cut to size and stuck to the party wall covering the whole offending surface  which works perfectly in soundproofing interior walls. All imperfections (uneven walls) are filled with Acoustic mastic ready for the first layer of db board.